The Village of Sloothby

The Village of Sloothby Sloothby is a small village to the south-east of Willoughby on the road towards Chapel St Leonards. It lies roughly five miles from the Lincolnshire Wolds in an area of flat marshland. The village consists of approximately 50 houses which are home to around 100 people. The only shops in the village cater for ice cream sales, antiques and second hand goods. There are several farms close by and a small church that is occasionally used for functions.

The picture shows one entry to the village and on the left can be seen the old Wesleyan chapel which was built around 1890. It was last used for worship at the time of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1954. The building was sold by the Methodist Circuit in 1955 it was sold and used for storing and welding farm machinery.  It has recently been sold again and is presently, ( Circa 2009), undergoing refurbishment by its new owner.