Mission Statement for the Churches of
Willoughby, Ulceby, and Mumby.

"We believe that the nature of God is equality towards all people. As the character of the Church of England is care to all souls in the Parish, our relationship as the worshipping community, with all our brothers & sisters within the group as well as those beyond, is one of equality of Love in the sight of God."

The Parish Churches are:-

Living buildings which connect the generations, past, present and future.
Common places in the community for Christian prayer.
Places to fulfil the communities differing needs.
Part of the soul of the villages.

The objective of the worshipping community is:-

To deepen their own awareness of God's nature and Love.
To assist members of the wider community towards an understanding of their true nature in God through our prayers, support and friendship.

Policy Statement for the use of the St Thomas of Canterbury Parish Church Nave, Mumby, by community groups.

The use of the dual purpose Nave fulfils aspects of the Churches Mission Statement. Namely:- A place to fulfil the communities differing needs. It will operate for all in the community and surrounding area without favour of creed, ethnic origin, gender, disability, marital status or sexual orientation.

An Explanation of our Logo

The Arch is from St Thomas of Canterbury Church at Mumby showing the "Barred Lady".
The Angel is from the redundent Churchyard of St Helen's, Cumberworth.
The tower is from All Saints Church at Ulceby.
The tree was shown in the west window of Sloothby Mission Church.
The font and priest are from the stained glass window of St Helena's Church at Willoughby.